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Welcome to Younglings

Younglings is Gurugram's first Reggio Emilia-inspired early years learning experience. We believe every child is powerful, creative, curious and full of potential.


A progressive learning environment inspired by Nature

At Younglings, we put the child and their close relationships with the environment at the core of our philosophy. Our gurukul-like, open classroom is driven by projects and explorations that connect to academic learning outcomes. We strongly propagate the use of natural and organic materials for our children.

A hundred worlds to discover,
a hundred worlds to invent,
a hundred worlds to dream.
The child has a hundred languages.


the Younglings Philosophy


The first teacher for every child is their parent; the second teacher is the one at school and the third teacher is their environment.

We believe in creating a learning environment that fully absorbs children as they interact, communicate and collaborate to share their thoughts and discoveries. 


An invitation to learn or provocation triggers curiosity in a child, inspiring them to learn more about a topic.


The Atelier or 'art studio' encourages children to express their learning and observations creatively.


The maker space allows children to collaborate and bring their ideas to life using various materials.


Come and explore a unique early years learning experience

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