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Inspired by age-old tenets of Eastern values coupled with practices of Western progressive education.

Early Years Program

Our world-class curriculum focuses on cultivating a child's intellectual, emotional, social and moral potential. We believe that every child is unique and their learning journey should be self-paced and guided without the fear of judgment. We provide holistic early years learning experience with a focus on developing the child’s social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills for kids between the age of 3 to 6 years.

Mother-Toddler Program


At Younglings, we believe that play is the best form of learning. Our Mother-Toddler program encourages messy play, motor skill development and enhancing sensory capabilities for little ones as young as 11 months. Our unique peer-led system for mothers helps them ease into their new role through guided mindfulness practice, ensuring that new mothers are not overwhelmed by parenthood.

Enrichment Programs

To make children lifelong learners, we believe that it’s important to introduce them to learning beyond the classroom. Our after-school classes provide a great platform for children to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) and English language fluency. All our classes are experiential and designed to build a hands-on approach for kids. We keep updating the after-school club with latest and best educational products across the globe.

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